Status is developing an open set of projects utilising peer-to-peer technologies that will facilitate people’s ability to transact securely and communicate freely. We build decentralised technologies ranging from protocol-level infrastructure to application software — forming an open-source peer-to-peer technology stack.

Status strives to develop open-source software (for example, the Status app) that can be utilised by people as a secure communication tool to uphold human rights. The Status app is designed to facilitate the free flow of information, protect the right to private, secure conversations, and promote the sovereignty of individuals. Discover more projects →


The development of the Status app is an open community, you don’t need to ask permission to join or become a member. If you see something you think should be improved, you can make a PR, join our Discord or create a proposal and make it happen.

You can also contribute to specific Status projects such as Waku or Nimbus. As an open-source project, we are location-agnostic and operate fully remotely. You can find which profiles each project is looking for on this page.